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Presenting Magazine is a proven publication patterned after other nationally successful in-room magazines. It is currently in more than 8000 of the top hotel rooms and relocation apartments from Ventura to Woodland Hills (email us for a list of hotels and room totals by town). Presenting provides business and vacation travelers and those relocating with a high quality, full color, 8.5x11 in-room, minimum 48-page magazine including area maps, TV programming schedules and station outline, shopping, dining and night life. It will be the handy and obvious first choice as hotel guests select where they eat their meals, do their shopping and consider options for entertainment in the comfort of their hotel rooms.

In-room travel magazines provide a proven value in markets all across the country under many different titles. Helpful in-room magazines are plentiful in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, downtown Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. West Los Angeles County and Ventura County have largely been ignored due to the proximity of these large surrounding markets and the distances between the scattered markets.

Presenting, Inc. is dedicated to providing the type of quality magazine travelers to our area would expect, hotels can be proud to have in their rooms, and that provides a great platform for our advertisers to be discovered by the visitors to the area.

According to the CA Travel and Tourism Commission, Southern California is the #1 travel destination in the United States.

The Ventura and West Los Angeles Counties Market
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